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Now everybody have seen the new Frozen shots, and a lot of us are not happy about them. True, Anna looks like Rapunzel, and Elsa looks like a Disney Fairy. the characters don’t look like the concept art which is annoying ! overall the posters don’t look anything special, and it looks like Disney Faries with a bit details.
BUT, i remember my thoughts when i saw the early shots of Tangled, i didn’t like them that much, and i thought it’s gonna fail, with Punz looking that young in the age of 18, and the 3D shapes overall ! and Tangled turned out to be pretty darn awesome !
So i hope this will be the same as Tangled, there’s still a small hope in me that it’s gonna be a really good movie, even though it’s a very little hope.
AND, the director isChristophe Beck, who directed Tarzan, so i can’t accept anything from him which is not perfect !!

So let’s not judge the book by its cover, even though i’m trying so hard not to.


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20 Day Princess Challenge
day 11: the voice you wish you had

Rapunzel’s voice : it’s not even my fave DP voice, actually her voice is in the bottom for me, i would totally wanna have her voice, it’s so generic and sweet, like everything she says or sings becomes extra nice, like she can’t say anything without her voice being the same, sweet and nice, Aurora’s voice is epic, but i wouldn’t want that as my voice.

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20 Day Princess Challenge
day 2: the princess you like least

Even though Punz is my 9th fave princess, Aurora being the 10th, but somehow i like Aurora more than Punz, i never could relate to Punz nor see myself really liking her that much, i don’t dislike her, but i like her the least !

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i’m looking for the credit song from Tangled, the one with the video with inside of the company, like this one just wan the original with good quality.

anybody ?

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and i’m sitting here waiting for 2013 to see The Little Mermaid 3D


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i haven’t read it yet but i checked it out, and my god .. it’s AH-MAZING !

i really hope every Disney fan, if you were a hater or a fan of Tangled to IGNORE the movie for a second and look at the animation.

the movie got a lot of bashing because it’s a DP movie and it’s not in 2D, well all of us wanted it to be hand drawn instead of 3D, but guess what, it IS hand drawn at some point, and it’s incredible !

it bugs me that the 3D movies don’t get appreciated enough when it comes to animation ! and all the Tangled fuzz about who love it and who hate it made everybody ignoring the art of it !

anyway, this is the download link if you haven’t seen the book yet !
The Art of Tangled

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thanks <3