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Disney threesome ………… cool.

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Full Disney short : Paperman

Tumblr won’t let me upload something over 5 mins, so here’s 5 mins of Paperman.
the beginning of the short is when George is waiting for the train and Meg comes following a paper, she stands next to him and one of George’s papers flies towards Meg’s face and her lipstick gets stuck on the paper which stays with George…..

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Disney getting 2 Oscars in 85th Academy Awards.

John Kahrs : Thanks to the Academy, especially this
year they got the shorts out to all the nominees.
Mark Andrews : I just happened to be wearing the kilt;
I didn’t plan any of this.

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Disney/Pixar shorts : Paperman || [more]
and the Oscar goes to ……

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Disney/Pixar shorts : Geri’s Game || [more]

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Disney/Pixar shorts : Day and Night || [more]
They are afraid of new ideas ….

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Disney, aaaaaah Disney, they did it, i JUST saw Paperman for the first time.
I’ve been wanting to watch it loooong time ago, and i just got the chance when Disney FINALLY uploaded it !

you can see it [HERE], it’s unlisted so you have to have a link for it.

A beautiful combination of 2D+3D animation, breathtaking, perfect !

I was actually smiling like an idiot the whole time, and in this scene …

i had the biggest goosebumps ever !

the animation is so prefect it hurts, i really hope Disney will keep continue this for full length movie !

George is so sweet, and Meg is just the cutest thing ever, reminds me of Ariel <3

Photo credit petitetiaras

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Upcoming Disney/Pixar short : Blue Umbrella [X]