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Let’s meet Disney 4 / ∞ ] Andreas Deja.

Andreas Deja : April 1, 1957 (56 years old)
Occupation : Animator.
Characters : Gaston - Jafar - Scar - Hercules - Lilo - Mama Odie - Tigger - Roger Rabbit - King Triton - Mickey Mouse (the current).
He’s one of Disney’s top animators, witnessed Disney’s Dark Ages since 1980, during the Renaissances till now, and one of the group sometimes referred to as the “Nine New Men”, he was awarded the Winsor McCay’s Award for outstanding contribution to the art of animation. He’s openly gay, and his sexuality has been discussed as an influence on the development of some Disney characters, he expressed about his intentions to make a book about each artist of the Nine Old Men

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"long Live The King"

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Jen and Molly’s 30 Day Challenge
Kenya’s 30 Day Challenge
Day 08: Favorite Villain
Honorable Mentions - Jafar, Frollo, Hades.  

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