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20 Day Princess Challenge
day 11: the voice you wish you had

Rapunzel’s voice : it’s not even my fave DP voice, actually her voice is in the bottom for me, i would totally wanna have her voice, it’s so generic and sweet, like everything she says or sings becomes extra nice, like she can’t say anything without her voice being the same, sweet and nice, Aurora’s voice is epic, but i wouldn’t want that as my voice.

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20 Day Princess Challenge
day 2: the princess you like least

Even though Punz is my 9th fave princess, Aurora being the 10th, but somehow i like Aurora more than Punz, i never could relate to Punz nor see myself really liking her that much, i don’t dislike her, but i like her the least !

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  • Snow White Hater : I FUCKING HATE HER VOICE !
  • Cinderella Lover : i can totally relate to her because i have a sister too.
  • Aurora Hater : She just STANDS there looking pretty -____-
  • Jasmine Hater : that bitch, i hate her, she has Aladdin !
  • Belle lover : OMG I READ TOO, SHE SO GET ME.
  • Pocahontas Hater : She's boring.
  • Mulan lover : SHE CAN KICK !
  • Tiana Hater : i hate her dress.
  • Rapunzel Lover : i'm blond too, AND she has Flynn, she is SO my fave princess !