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I waited so long for a good copy, now i FINALLY watched it !
i was like processing the movie the whole time watching it.


I don’t really know how to react towards this movie, i was thinking of all the good reviews it got and focusing on that ‘it has to be good, it has to be good

Negative Points :

  • The first 27 mins i was like ‘Wow, nothing special yet, is this a Pixar movie ?’, literally nothing special.
  • I didn’t like the beginning of it ! i thought it was too commercially if that’s the right phrase, i barely smiled, and i disliked the triplets, i thought they’re trying too hard to make them look cute !
  • I thought it was somehow fast paced, especially when it comes to the connection between Mother and Daughter, even when a fast paced movie doesn’t bore you, but in these scenes especially they should have been a bit slower and more detailed.

Positive Points :

  • It has Pixar’s heart in it.
  • The animation is definitely the best Pixar animation so far.
    The details are breathtaking, there is a lot of realistic stuff, yet some of the clearly-animated scenes to remind you that you’re watching an animated movie, a very good one.
  • The music is just perfect for the movie, with the scenes and the accent and the atmosphere, i thought it was just lovely and suitable for the movie, can’t get any better for sure.
  • Even though i didn’t like the beginning of it, but the scene where they started to fight caught my attention, i thought it was beautifully animated/written/directed, i didn’t get bored of the movie not even for a sec.
  • The bonding scenes were fast paced true, but it convinced me a bit, it could have been better, but i think it was quite alright ! especially after we meet Mor’du.
  • Like i said, it has Pixar’s heart in it, Pixar’s other movies got to me more, but i would be lying if i said that Brave didn’t get to me in some scenes, which made me satisfied, since i got used to Pixar movies moving me.
  • And one last thing, the four kings tale ? FREAKING AWESOME ! the story is amazing, and i loved how they put it in the movie, and how it ends, it’s just … ahh, i wish they made the movie about it somehow !

Characters :

  • Merida : i like her, i love that she’s kinda immature and a bit selfish ! and her reactions towards her mother ! she would rank 6th or 7th on my list ! i’m not sure though.
  • Elinor : I thought the changing of personality kinda surprising and sudden, but meh, i liked her as a bear more.
  • Fergus : Fun ……….. and well, fun !
  • The Triplets : No, just no !
  • Mor’du : i don’t care if he didn’t say a word and barely was there, i love him.

It’s not the best Pixar movie, but it’s really good, definitely worth watching.
I know i have to watch it again, i may change my mind about some things.

Sorry for the long review ;)

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Ariel : Something that i would give up anything for

My Dream :), the chance of getting out of here and be someone and do something and meeting my idols and living my dream job, i would give up anything in a heart beat ;)


Aurora : Something / Someone i dream of the most

Meeting one of my idols, being graduated first in my college :)


Eve : The think i’m committed to the most

My fandoms, my college and my friends.


Megara : My biggest regret

I don’t think i ever regretted something big, not that i’m complaining
Okay well, i regret that i didn’t work enough when i had the chance


Pocahontas : Something i’ll always fight for

My ambition, and my beliefs.


Snow White : The thing that makes me the most happy

My friends and Disney hands down.
Not to mention my feel good movie, Treasure Planet <3


Tiana : The thing i work the hardest for

My fandoms :D, when i should work harder on other things.
But oh well, college almost here, so i can goof around a little till that.


Merida : Something i think i’m fated to do

Being into art, none of my parents were into art, and i’m kinda proud of myself the way i got into it and made my own way towards it ;)


Thanks a lot guys, i’ll continue the rest tomorrow <3

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i’m gonna HAUNT you down, and SLICE you !

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Her HAIR !!