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Let’s meet Disney [ 2 / ∞ ] Alan Menken.

Alan Menken : July 22, 1949 (63)
Occupation : Composer, Songwriter, Pianist, Record Producer.
Movies : The Little Mermaid - Beauty and the Beast - Aladdin - Pocahontas -The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Hercules - Tangled. (Click on the movie to listen)
He’s #1 Disney composer, and one of the pioneers in getting Disney out of the Dark ages along with Glen Keane and John Lasseter. His long time friend Howard Ashman was the Lyricist to most of the work Alan has done, He thinks his best work is at The Hunchback of Notre Dame and that he topped himself in that movie, he holds the record of the most Academy Awarded man alive with 8 Oscars with another 11 nominations.

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I don’t think many people realize how evil Judge Frollo is, it’s not about him killing Quasimodo's mother or trying to kill the gypsies, it's more about him not realizing that he's bad or doing anything wrong, he actually thinks that he's a 'righteous' man, that he's doing everything good and that god will award him for his good deeds and punish Esmeralda for her bad deeds, and the way he convinces Quasi that he’s ‘ugly and deformed’, Frollo can be anyone among us now !

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I’ll tell you why this is one of my fave animation pieces ever, even though it’s just Quasimodo crying, but the animation of it is breathtaking ! The pause he takes when he realizes that Esmeralda is dead, trying to deny it, and when finally he breaks and cries, the tremble in his body and his quite crying, his eyes closed all the time not wanting to see Esmeralda dead, and when he opens his eyes, they’re full of sadness and regret, one of the most realistic animated crying scenes ever, the tremble in his body, THE TREMBLE !
Amazing work by James Baxter, an underrated Disney animator !

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Disney - Red

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