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Ariel : Something that i would give up anything for

My Dream :), the chance of getting out of here and be someone and do something and meeting my idols and living my dream job, i would give up anything in a heart beat ;)


Aurora : Something / Someone i dream of the most

Meeting one of my idols, being graduated first in my college :)


Eve : The think i’m committed to the most

My fandoms, my college and my friends.


Megara : My biggest regret

I don’t think i ever regretted something big, not that i’m complaining
Okay well, i regret that i didn’t work enough when i had the chance


Pocahontas : Something i’ll always fight for

My ambition, and my beliefs.


Snow White : The thing that makes me the most happy

My friends and Disney hands down.
Not to mention my feel good movie, Treasure Planet <3


Tiana : The thing i work the hardest for

My fandoms :D, when i should work harder on other things.
But oh well, college almost here, so i can goof around a little till that.


Merida : Something i think i’m fated to do

Being into art, none of my parents were into art, and i’m kinda proud of myself the way i got into it and made my own way towards it ;)


Thanks a lot guys, i’ll continue the rest tomorrow <3

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20 Day Princess Challenge
day 2: the princess you like least

Even though Punz is my 9th fave princess, Aurora being the 10th, but somehow i like Aurora more than Punz, i never could relate to Punz nor see myself really liking her that much, i don’t dislike her, but i like her the least !

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  • Snow White Hater : I FUCKING HATE HER VOICE !
  • Cinderella Lover : i can totally relate to her because i have a sister too.
  • Aurora Hater : She just STANDS there looking pretty -____-
  • Jasmine Hater : that bitch, i hate her, she has Aladdin !
  • Belle lover : OMG I READ TOO, SHE SO GET ME.
  • Pocahontas Hater : She's boring.
  • Mulan lover : SHE CAN KICK !
  • Tiana Hater : i hate her dress.
  • Rapunzel Lover : i'm blond too, AND she has Flynn, she is SO my fave princess !