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Amazing Disney Lyrics : Part of your World [more]
How a world that makes such wonderful things……could be bad ?

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Let’s meet Disney [ 1 / ∞ ] Glen Keane.

Glen Keane : April 13, 1954 (59)
Occupation : animator, author and illustrator.
Characters : Ariel - Beast - Aladdin - Pocahontas - John Silver - Tarzan - Rapunzel.
He’s one of the best animators in Disney and worldwide, was one of the first animators to bring Disney into the Renaissances and getting it out of the Dark Ages, also he’s one of the most famous Disney animators and one of the group sometimes referred to as the “Nine New Men”, His impacts on Disney and the movies he was in is undeniable, as he’s the one of the main reasons the movies succeed, his fave feature in animation are the eyes. he left Disney on March 23, 2012.

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Yesterday i went to this animation office that i just began training there, me and the manager were talking and he was impressed by my knowledge of animation, he had no idea how obsessed i am with Disney and animation, so i opened my blog on his lap top, and for the first time saw my blog on somebody else’s computer, i was thrilled, the amount of followers, along with the background and posts, i was like ‘shit, this can be my resume’.
I showed him the Disney facts, and for an animation expert they were interesting as f***, and i was pointing at the amount of notes of each fact to point out the popular movies and the type of facts the people usually are interested in, everything was so helpful, it was crazy.
We kept talking about bringing 2D animation to life and keeping the way of it going with my blog is right there, it made me feel proud, proud of everything, proud of my blog, of myself, of you guys for having this love for Disney. it was amazing.

So just wanted to say, i love my blog, and i adore you guys <3

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It’s true, if it wasn’t for Cinderella and The Little Mermaid, Disney would have been closed long time ago, Walt Disney put all his money on Cinderella, if it flopped in the box office it would have been the end of Disney, same goes with The Little Mermaid, both movies were a huge success, so huge that Cinderella helped Walt building Disneyland, and The Little Mermaid rose Disney from the Dark ages to the Renaissance.

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Disney, aaaaaah Disney, they did it, i JUST saw Paperman for the first time.
I’ve been wanting to watch it loooong time ago, and i just got the chance when Disney FINALLY uploaded it !

you can see it [HERE], it’s unlisted so you have to have a link for it.

A beautiful combination of 2D+3D animation, breathtaking, perfect !

I was actually smiling like an idiot the whole time, and in this scene …

i had the biggest goosebumps ever !

the animation is so prefect it hurts, i really hope Disney will keep continue this for full length movie !

George is so sweet, and Meg is just the cutest thing ever, reminds me of Ariel <3

Photo credit petitetiaras

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i don’t think it’s gonna work, but Please try.


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…. she bites her lips a lot.