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It’s true, if it wasn’t for Cinderella and The Little Mermaid, Disney would have been closed long time ago, Walt Disney put all his money on Cinderella, if it flopped in the box office it would have been the end of Disney, same goes with The Little Mermaid, both movies were a huge success, so huge that Cinderella helped Walt building Disneyland, and The Little Mermaid rose Disney from the Dark ages to the Renaissance.

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Ariel : Something that i would give up anything for

My Dream :), the chance of getting out of here and be someone and do something and meeting my idols and living my dream job, i would give up anything in a heart beat ;)


Aurora : Something / Someone i dream of the most

Meeting one of my idols, being graduated first in my college :)


Eve : The think i’m committed to the most

My fandoms, my college and my friends.


Megara : My biggest regret

I don’t think i ever regretted something big, not that i’m complaining
Okay well, i regret that i didn’t work enough when i had the chance


Pocahontas : Something i’ll always fight for

My ambition, and my beliefs.


Snow White : The thing that makes me the most happy

My friends and Disney hands down.
Not to mention my feel good movie, Treasure Planet <3


Tiana : The thing i work the hardest for

My fandoms :D, when i should work harder on other things.
But oh well, college almost here, so i can goof around a little till that.


Merida : Something i think i’m fated to do

Being into art, none of my parents were into art, and i’m kinda proud of myself the way i got into it and made my own way towards it ;)


Thanks a lot guys, i’ll continue the rest tomorrow <3

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