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Disney announced that it’s shutting down any remaining 2D hand drawn feature animation facilities left and will only be committing to 3D rendered and animated films from now on.

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This made me unbelievably sad.




This is the worst news i’ve heard in a long time. 

someone help 

You guys, this is from tabloids and bloggers… the *actual* news is ‘we’re not developing anything in the next few years’. And they said ‘TRADITIONAL’ hand drawn animation, which doesn’t rule out much, since they could be doing a hand drawn computer animation, like they did for many sequences on Princess and the Frog. 

The actual literal statement? “”To my knowledge we’re not developing a 2D or hand-drawn feature animated film right now,” not ‘we’re never doing hand drawn animated movies EVER AGAIN EVVVEEERR’. Just none in production… RIGHT NOW. And this was said at a *shareholders meeting*. This is not a big press release. 

Tumblr. Calm thy gifs. 

Just… just… chill… slightly… 

Calm Down guys, and read the comment above.

Unfortunately 2D became the excuse for poor storytelling,” said Lasseter

ohn Lasseter, you’re awesome and all, but please, stop messing with the 2D animation, we KNOW how amazing CGI ! but seriously ! just let the 2D be !

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Four men who reshaped and The Walt Disney company - four true Disney legends

• John Lasseter and Glen Keane (above) working on Where the Wild Things Are, a short meant to test CG backgrounds in the early 1980’s

• Alan Menken and Howard Ashman (below) accepting the Oscar for Best Original Song for Under the Sea in 1990