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I wanna know some good K.POP or J.POP bands !
Can any of you help me ? Any suggestions ?

  1. chokoretocosmee-chan answered: for J-Pop: Morning musume, °C-ute, Berryz Kobo, Fairies, SCANDAL,Buono!
  2. heroesfan101 answered: For K-pop check out DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee, Big Bang, SNSD, and 2NE1.
  3. doeetfgt answered: SHINee and Big Band :D
  4. daebakdrivel answered: To actually help you, I’d need to know what kind of musicyou like.Fast/slow,hiphop/pop,etc.I love Shinhwa,Leessang,Sistar,Jinusean, lots more
  5. abandonedadventurer answered: girls generation, secret, sista, beast
  6. desrosea answered: Girls Generation!
  7. yonghwa-pcs answered: cnblue. yes.
  8. midnight0-0 answered: BIGBANG!! 2NE1, B.A.P., BlockB, UKISS, Jay Park, MBLAQ, MFBTY…. I hope that helps :3
  9. vitabinc answered: BTOB, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Big Bang, Davichi, 4Men, Ailee
  10. kuroutatane answered: Brown Eyed Girls and SunnyHill
  11. kakkoiohno said: Arashi. End of story. You will fall in LOVE with them.
  12. medievalsparrow answered: TM Revolution, Angela Aki, Megumi Hayashibara, Gackt. Then the other two I like are Maximum The Hormone and Dir En Grey which are more metal.
  13. shadybowtie answered: AAA
  14. mydisneyplaylist answered: My favourites are Big Bang, Infinite, B4A1 and U-KISS!
  15. talisa-v-song answered: Anyone from YG.
  16. pumpkin-spice-girl answered: f(x) is super good! Also, Girls Generation has some good songs…both are K.POP.
  17. throughmydulleyes answered: MBLAQ and BAP are my personal fav kpop bands and Kattun is a really popular jpop one (basically everyone from Johnny’s entertainment)
  18. bonnieberries said: BIGBANG is also one of the most popular groups as they cover a lot of genres. check out blue and fantastic baby and bad boy!
  19. allyoudoisactafool answered: oh my gosh you listen to kpop? sweet! my favorites are Big Bang and 2NE1, but Lee Hi, miss A, Drunken Tiger, Leesang, f(x), and MBLAQ!
  20. momentsin1ove answered: Big Bang, the original DBSK (now JYJ and DBSK), 2ne1
  21. spookitneko answered: I assume you’ve heard of “Super Junior”
  22. sammiesofa answered: You can go for the big groups: like super junior, SNSD, TVXQ, BigBang, 2ne1. I really like shinee, sistar, miss a, 2pm, and BAP (kpop)
  23. norcalnoise answered: SHINee for sure, look them up. BAP, DBSK, f(x), JJ Project, Kim Jaejoong, Girls Generation, just to start you out.
  24. gameofcosplay answered: 2Ne1, Big Bang, B2ST, Girls generation, Wonder Girls
  25. sehunniepot said: OMG you like Disney, kpop and Jpop?? You’re like me! :D K-pop: Davichi, Eric Nam, TVXQ! J-pop: Yuuya Matsushita, w-inds.
  26. ceeezzang answered: BIGBANG, that’s all you need to know.
  27. aureta answered: B.A.P, Supercell, Ikimono Gakari, SNSD, SHINee,
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  29. rinirevolution answered: JPOP: Morning Musume, Berryz koubou, C-ute, S/mileage, AKB48, SCANDAL. People have fabulous answers for K-Pop :)
  30. dancerintheclouds said: You like disney and kpop AND jpop? Dude you have good taste in… Eveything that matters. Kpop: B1A4, Wonder Girls, Miss A, Sistar, Brown Eyed Girls, Epik High; J-pop: AKB48, supercell, Aqua Timez, C-ute and my all time fav group Morning Musume ^_^
  31. yumiiyummy answered: EVOL, Fiestar, Tiny-G, Spica are pretty good c:
  32. lmaoforeva answered: SNSD, SHINee, Super Junior, 2NE1, BIGBANG, Utada Hikaru, Rurutia, the GazettE, NELL, BoA, Block B, Wonder Girls, Miss A, f(x), AKB48
  33. tadanoitsuki answered: AAA, stereopony, Aqua Timez, UVERworld, RYTHEM, ONE OK ROCK, mihimaru GT, Do As Infinity, … let me know if you want specific song recs too!
  34. marcelinequeen answered: 2NE1, SNSD, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Teen Top, Perfume, and Kyary are some of my favorites :)
  35. abatrynchuk answered: High and mighty color, mind you they broke up, but there’s a lot of songs!
  36. imjusthererforthepictures answered: I don’t listen to much, umm.. w-inds. is good (with the period).
  37. whitebeltwriter answered: BEAT CRUSADERS is good.
  38. sandilyn answered: For K-Pop I like Big Bang, F.T.Island, and 2AM. For J-Pop I like BoA and Do As Inifinity, L’Arc-en-Ciel…There’s a lot more. :P
  39. srnexy answered: i really really like SHINee :D…listen to them~? :P
  40. amanogawatea answered: SHINee
  41. renaldospooks said: Oh! And as for J-Pop: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Weird and quirky, but her songs and videos actually have a lot of meaning!
  42. glitterkumquats said: Also Hyuna-Kim/4Minute
  43. hellokittyy answered: snsd and f(x)!!!
  44. glitterkumquats answered: GIRLS GENERATION
  45. megmaccormas answered: Everyone’s already said my favourite k-pop groups but in case you want something more chill or indie-rock try Nell, Busker Busker or 10cm!
  46. renaldospooks answered: My favourite Japanese band is School Food Punishment. And to list K-Pop that hasn’t already been said, check out J Rabbit!