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For you who doesn’t know, Disney has an arrangement with Ghibli regarding the localization and distribution of their films outside Japan, but they don’t own the rights to the films themselves.

If they’re gonna buy Ghibli, then it will be the same case as Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilms.
So what do you think ? would you approve of that ? and how do you think the company will turn around ?

My opinion : i love Disney, and i love Ghibli, but as separated companies.
As much as i think the movies will turn out great, merging the 2 magics of the 2 companies, but that would mean no more Ghibli’s own magic, it will be the end of an era for Ghibli which i don’t want ! true that Disney turned the other companies around and made them better, but i doubt that when it comes to Ghibli !
I don’t think Miyazaki would nearly approve of that ! but still, as far as i know Ghibli isn’t having any financial problems, but i think it’s only a matter of time after Miyazaki dies that Disney is gonna buy the company !

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  2. fausttaichou answered: This is one where I don’t want Disney involved. Miyazaki puts in heavier themes than Disney usually writes so they could get censored. Bad!!!
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  4. hetahomestuckgirl answered: no fuck that
  5. negaiboshi answered: Honestly, the last few Ghibli movies have been a bit disappointing to me. I trust Disney whole-heartedly. I wouldn’t have a problem with it.
  6. argella1300 answered: If they do what they did with Marvel and basically just finance them, I’m cool with it
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  8. acidsbeats answered: I can’t imagine Ghibli would allow themselves to be bought.
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  10. punkylemon answered: Disney = Awesome
  11. blackjackink answered: i’d rather they didn’t. ghibli is amazing on their own and disney shouldn’t take that away from them
  12. casserolekitty answered: they should definitely keep it separate. but disney is probably going to buy it anyway. like they bought everything else they wanted.
  13. teatimeforhatter answered: As much as I love Disney, I don’t think it should own everything. It already has a monopoly, it does not need Ghibli.
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  15. delphadae answered: I hope that Disney doesn’t buy Ghibli… And my reason is because of what you said..
  16. westernponies answered: Disney needs to keep their hands off of Ghibli.
  17. nemo-tv-champion answered: Noooo nonononononononononono. Both studios have their own magic, just leave Ghibli alone.
  18. angelic-leo answered: Disney. Just no. Stop. I don’t see why Disney would need to buy out other companies.
  19. womanaction answered: i agree with your opinion:o i mean, Disney is like my onetruelove buuuuuut….idk i could see it going badly.
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  23. makenzie-rush answered: No. I love Ghibli and I love Disney, but I love them separately. Ghibli films are successful already without disney censoring everything.
  24. cheyhansolo answered: I love Disney, but isn’t it becoming a bit of a monopoly? I’ve also heard rumors of them trying to buy out DC Comics.
  25. themermaidboy answered: that sounds awful! Disney may release Ghibli movies, but not well. poor dubs and limited releases? doesnt sound like Disney’s priority
  26. glindabubbles answered: Oh please no! I love Disney and I love Ghibli but they’re very different! Ghibli couldn’t become a part of Disney and stay the same.
  27. shaqdol answered: I’ll be ok so long as they still do what there doing best right now. but even so Disney better get a whole lot better if they do buy Ghibli!
  28. rehabbunny answered: Whether or not Ghibli is jap means nothing to me. I <3 both with a passion, but the magic I find in them is different and will only be currop
  29. kingdomblade answered: I haven’t heard this rumor before, but if tis true it makes me wonder why they skipped on Up on Poppy Hill then.
  30. mollyflood answered: I hope Disney respects Ghibli enough not to even offer; Miyazaki and his studio are amazing by themselves, they don’t need Disney.
  31. kureru-elric answered: I think it’s great that the two companies want to work together, but I think Disney buying Ghibli wouldn’t do them any good.