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"We’d like to dedicate this to our guardian angle, that’s my son, Ryder Buck. Thank you, Ryder." -Chris Buck, Director of Frozen, on accepting the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film

Chris Buck’s youngest son, Reed, goes to my school, so I know the story of what happened to Ryder Buck, who Chris Buck, the Director of Frozen, thanked in his Oscar speech, and I wanted to share it with you because I feel like 99% of the audience in that room and across America did not, and still do not know the meaning of Mr. Buck’s acceptance speech.

Ryder Buck was diagnosed with Stage 4 testicular cancer in August of 2012. He loved music and was aspiring to be a musician, and remained positive through everything he went through. His treatments began to work, and his test results showed he was cancer free in April of 2013.

In October, my neighbors were having a party which my parents went to, and Ryder’s mother was telling everyone how excited and ecstatic she was that her son was free of cancer.

A week or so later, Ryder died in a car crash. He was hit by two cars on the freeway. Over 1,200 people attended his memorial service in November. The service was only to last 90 minutes, but as so many people showed up, it ended up being over 3 and a half hours.

Ryder had died 24 days before Frozen hit theaters.

This is so sad…

Oh how awful! I hope he was proud of his fathers work. =[

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  • Best Animated Feature - Frozen
  • Best Makeup and Hairstyling - The Lone Ranger
  • Best Original Score - Saving Mr. Banks
  • Best Original Song - 'Let It Go' Frozen
  • Best Visual Effects - The Lone Ranger
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talkmagictomepodcast said:

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Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke at Saving Mr. Banks premiere, Dec 9th, 2013.

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Disney/Pixar shorts : Day and Night || [more]
They are afraid of new ideas ….

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thewendy-bird said:

Hi, I have to choose a career for next year and I'm kind of lost. I would love to work as animator, director or anything related, specially in Disney, I'm not sure which careers should I consider. I hope you can give me some advice or information. Thank you very much, your blog is perfect!

Being an animator is really hard work ^^”
I’ve been learning animation since a year now, and i can guarantee u one thing, you can learn, but if you didn’t have patience and pure love for animation you won’t succeed ! but if you truly love animation and have a good eye to it, and a lil talent, you can practice it and succeed if you have the will !

One of the most important things of being an animator is being open to team work, and accept criticism with open mind, cuz once you put yourself in a certain corner of creation you won’t be able to get out, so always always accept criticism and consider it, it will help you a lot, AND NEVER EVER BE ARROGANT, it will ruin you !

In animation there is no boss, but a leader, so if you feel that you have leadership skills and are able to control the situation and make a perfect harmony between the staff who work under you, without being bossy or bitchy-like then you should consider directing ! and of course, the strong eye.

Directing is SUCH an amazing work (i’m thinking of it but it costs a lot and i’m poor :( ), it’s a huge job and requires a lot patience and understanding and accepting, and Animation directing, in my opinion, one of the best most amazing jobs out there !

But to actually master the directing you should go through all the stages, it’s rare for you to see an animation director who can’t animate (there is, but really rare, ex Makoto Shinkai) successful directors like Miyazaki, Don BluthRon Clements and John Musker are all animators.

Bottom line is, try it, see how you do in it, if you found joy in doing it then continue and u’ll an amazing job, if not, don’t force yourself or else you’ll end up making commercially animation for a very low price ^^

PS : if you want more information about what requires in other animation majors (clean up, concept art, storyboard artist etc) feel free to ask ;)

Good luck :)

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mickeysphilharmagic said:

"* fact : if frozen won best animated feature it will be the very first disney non-pixar movie ever to do so." <---girl did u mean first 3D ??!?!? because BATB is a disney non-pixar movie.

First, when BatB was out there was no Best Animated Feature category, the category started on 2001, second Beauty and the Beast didn’t win !

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tparadox said:

If Belle, Tiana, and Cinderella are Disney Princesses by marriage, why doesn't Bambi's girlfriend Faline count? Speciesism!

There are a lot of Disney characters that can be considered princes and princesses that aren’t human, and characters that are actually human but not in the official Disney Princesses line !

I think Disney made clear so far that they only including human characters in the Princesses line !